About Us

HOLA !  We welcome you to our parallel world, the TOPSY-TURVY world ! Topsy Turvy was founded by and through young minds rebelling to make a world a quirkier place. We deliver awesomeness on your doorsteps, making your lives more fascinating.

  This isn't just any other store, but adds an extra punch to the ordinary. We bring to you home, kitchen, office and bar- essentials, with stationary, apparels and personal accessories to fall in love with. TT also offer gadgets and tech essentials from all over the world that are extremely funky and will never let you have a dull day, along with personalised gift items that make you stand out.   P.S - ‘’ WE LOVE TO KEEP IT CUTE ‘‘.   You ought to give it a shot if you are as obsessed as us with super-cute and super-funky products, no matter how many candles have you blown ;) .   We are a basket full of your daily life essentials mixed with the fun element and sum up as a one stop store that will mould into your life. TT designs and customizes few of the products like laptop sleeves, notebooks, beer mugs etc exclusively for you and gather the rest from around the world. We aim to bring you the most unique and well designed products at the best price and quality.   A happy customer base has always been our top most priority from day zero. We keep spinning the wheels in our head constantly to fulfill all your requirements and provide you with the best services, quality and price.


Our Team




With a brilliant business mind and a degree in MBA, Mr Arohit is the Edison of Topsy Turvy. From detailing to innovating, he excels in all. He (not) lightens up the mood at TY-TY with a talent in singing too ! 

Say hello - arohit@topsyturvy.co.in




Holding 2.5 degrees, she was far away from being an entrepreneur. Always hardworking in everything but studies, she started making our lives beautiful in 2016. We love how she comes up with new ideas every day (actually, we love the snacks and perks she provides)!

Say hello - samridhi@topsyturvy.co.in

Product design team manager

Sumita is outstanding taste of fashion and lifestyle is the sole reason behind our unique product range. She makes sure that she selects the most useful products keeping them absolutely adorable and handy. Get ready to get more awesomeness each day with her.

Social media manager


A student of DU, Sakshi is a lively and ecstatic person! Her love for talking and presentations makes her perfect for adding the bright side to our hub. She is someone who'll never let you be agitated or let this place look dull. 

Marketing and collaboration manager


A self proclaimed media whizz, Garima, is a business student in the day, a marketing and internet nut by the evening and the most fun party animal at night. Working by the moto "Tell them, they'll forget. Show them, they might remember. Engage them and they'll never forget", she's not going to be any regular marketer. So, be ready for a fun filled journey of Topsy Turvy!