Guide to your next slay-umber party!

Planning for your next slumber party but afraid of what to keep in? We’ve got everything from your decor to your apparels, from your bar accessories to your party accessories, from your enjoyment to your excitement, so hod on your breath and read below to unlock the list. We will not let your pyjama party go wasted.

1. Home Decor

The most important thing is to get your decor right. What’s a sleepover without decorations to embrace your friends in, are we right or are we not? You can’t let them walk in a boring surrounding. Here are some ideas for your decor. You can include in things like funky door mats, cushions and wall stickers.



2. Attire

Let’s not give them the moment of saying ‘You ain’t spruced up.’ Second essential thing in a pyjama party is dressing up correctly. Let’s make it correct and add Onesies, eye masks and plush slippers to complete the look. Wondering where would you find ‘em all? Leave all your worries to us and click on the link below to shop and explore.


3. Party Accessories

What if you could get karaoke mikes with a lot of accessories in your budget for your sleepover? It would leave a dark imprint on your friends of hosting such a cool sleepover, wont it? And there’s definitely just one place that would provide your everything under your estimated pockets. Go, have a look!



4. Cotton Candy

Have you thought of having a cotton candy machine all to yourself on your sleepover? Are you feeling the same elation as us? Brain storming on where to find a reasonable one? We have got it just for you in your budget.



5. Bar Accessories

Too boring to enjoy a dry sleepover? Refresh it with some liquids and its accessories, will ya? And how about hookahs? Lighters ready for them? Shop the most quirkiest bar accessories ever!! The newest is the Spin the Shot which is introduced for your shots game. Pour your drink and let the wheel decide who'll drink it first ! 




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