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The Best Reasonable Celebrity Style To Shop From

Everybody wants to shop and style like their favourite celebrity, and we’re sure you’re lacking nowhere behind to style like them either. We present to you a platform where you can get everything that your favourite celebrity has shopped from before - Topsy Turvy to satisfy your quirky needs.


1) Ileana D’Cruz

Oh such a cool pair of socks that is. Who else wants to have these same socks just like Ileana D’Cruz and want to feel yummylicious just like her? You can get them at Topsy Turvy, so log on and get going.



2) Armaan Malik

That now is a load of cute and unique goodies. Wondering where he’d get it from? Topsy Turvy, where else?! Get your hands on them before its too late


3) Rohit Khandelwal

And this one’s for Mr. World 2015. The handsome chunk has bought in quite a few cool goodies. Who wants to have them? Me, me, me…


4) Sana Khan

Looks like the sensational beauty has got in glamour in the products too just like her. And oh, look at that brush, it looks so alluring.


5) Ridhi Dogra

“Live, Laugh, any chance that you get.” So rightly quoted. She’s actually living, laughing and enjoying every moment. And shopping is ice on the cherry for everybody. Why not be like her?



6) Taapsee Pannu

Travel goals, right? Do you wish you too had a customised passport just like the fashionable queen, Taapsee Pannu? Don’t be saddened, you can have it too. Just click on shop below and it’ll show you the gate to your wish.



7) Alia Bhatt

Oh my, my. That is a super adorable and appealing rug. Do you have goals like Alia Bhatt, then you gotta be a #GoalDigger just like her!






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