Mermaid off duty !

A lady: legendary, beautiful, mystical and dreamy. An angel in the ocean and a miracle on the land. An empowerment. A mermaid. Written about in folklore and one of the most popular metaphors in the age of feminism, or feminazi if you'd say.

Beauty with power is not just a phrase anymore, it actually never was. Just the quantity of the believers for the same and accomplishments by believing in it has certainly risen up, with pride.
A mermaid. the new ideal, symbolizes everything a woman desires to become and deserves to have. For the superhero every woman is, we celebrate their individuality and their beauty, inside and out!

'Cause everything ideal deserves a little pampering too, we have some beautifully curated products to refill the energy in our gorgeous mermaids and help them swim their way through the milestones. Get on the ship with us and decorate your life with everything Mermaid-y.

1. The lovely mermaid sequin cushions adding the sparkle to your life, sofas and the living room. Draw on them, play with them or just take a little nap on them; all yours.
The sequin cushions also change colours when you slide your fingers on it, so change it as your mood.

2. The wide range of mermaid make-up brushes, in so many lovely shades, that feel as fur on your skin and work like magic. Not to forget mentioning the beautiful colours and the classic touch they add to your make-up kits and vanities.

3. Snuggle up in our most loved mermaid blankets, just perfect for any season. Lay a bunch of them in your living room and bedroom, to become a burrito anytime and do your favourite relaxing activity.

4. We have in store for you the cutest mermaid print phone cases for iPhones. You just cannot keep the most important thing in your life poorly dressed, would you?

5. "Mermaid Off Duty" eye masks that are soft on your eyes, block the surrounding bright lights and work like a lullaby to put you to a sound sleep. Works its magic almost like your mother's lap.


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