Let's flamingle !

Flamingos are everywhere right now and we are absolutely digging the trend! Flamingos teach all of us to stand tall and stand out; to embrace our imperfections and be proud of the the uniqueness we are gifted with.

Individuality dipped in confidence is the key, my fellas! Some might question your skinny legs, but standing with your long sculpted neck high, makes you look jaw-dropping gorgeous. You know that well enough, right?

As much as these flamingos symbolize self-love, they also bring in the punch of PrettyPinkPlease to our everyday boring lives. The pink feathers and the black sexy legs can level up your everyday game and that's why the people at Topsy-Turvy have brought in some really good products for you!

1. Take a break, get in the pool and float under the sun on our inflatable flamingo pool floats. We have a similar little version too of the flamingo floats, to carry your drinks and food on them for a perfect vacay! Now that's how summer holidays should look like!

2. To brighten up the rooms and bring you sweet fairy dreams, you just can't let go of our lovely flamingo marquee lights, flamingo fairy lamps and fairy lights! They just go with every wall and any theme party you're looking forward to.

3. Quirk up your essential: flamingo plush charms are the perfect accessory you need on your bags and purses. (Nope, its absolutely not made of animal fur!)

4. For all the phone addicts, decorate your babies with our flamingo phone covers and add the flamingo print pop socket to hold it on, for easy selfies and comfortable usage!

5. The nerd package: we have flamingo print mugs, bottles and the flamingo notebooks (that are oh-so pretty) to flamingle down your organised life, with a warm cup of coffee!


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