One in a minion !


The aww-dorable Minions are so cute that we could almost die! Um, or maybe just adore them without dying too... 

The small, yellow, melodious henchmen shaped like pill capsules who wear the coolest google on Earth, have taken over the world like a pro and are in everything and on everywhere; be it clothes, crockery, our gadgets, wallpapers or even our underwear!
We do not remember being in awe of someone who speaks incomprehensible gibberish, before the BA-BA-BANANA lovers stole our hearts.

Just because 'tulaliloo ti amo', we tried borrowing some Minions for you, but they are too busy killing the villains. You don't be upset; to compensate, we have brought in so many minion-ised products especially for you.

1. Our best- selling Minion plush slippers to keep you feet warm n fuzzy and the fat Minion plush toys to give the best hugs all day and night.

2. Choose from a variety of Minions pillows available with us and throw in a shade of bright and fun in your living rooms. Filled with fine cotton to provide the best comfort to you.

3. For the gadget lovers, we have a full box of things that would make you drool: Minion power banks in oh-so cute bodies, lots of earphones and head sets, pen drives, selfie sticks and a lot more.

4. Did we tell you about our favourite minion avengers mugsss? Go check them out ASAP.

5. Minion neck pillows and Minion bag packs, to add the happy punch in the needs.

6. Our especially curated Minion notebooks and pouches for those who have a heart for unique stationery. They will make all the scribbling and doodling too pretty to not show off.

7. And, of course, our Minions lens cases and spectacles cases to protect your essentials without being boring.


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