Be rad, be a panda !


The Cutest-th Article of the Constitution states that: A human, denying resemblance in habits to a Panda, would be declared a fraud of the highest form! And, who wants to be hated by the gang of millennials and then go to jail too?

The Giant Pandas have taken over our hearts, our picture galleries and our wardrobes! We would do anything for one warm cuddle with those fluffy fur balls, to say the least! We envy their carefree, food-ful and joyous lives; because they dont receive a flying chappal for being like that *smh*! 🐼😭❀

After roaming lazily and feeding ourselves endlessly all day, browsing the aww-worthy videos of our soulmate juggles us up with a wide smile.

Until we are ready to help you pet them after stealing them from China (Shhhh!!); we have so so many Panda-ised products for you to wear, use and be aww-ed upon! 😍


1. We have a full wardrobe collection for you including the panda onesies, warm hoodies and the cozy plush slippers. From head to toe, be and live like a panda because life is too short to not be one!

2. Monday blues hit you hard and that one step to get off your beds every Monday is like a step on rocky lava! :(

We empathize with you, friend. To give you a little pack of joy, get your hands on our panda pajama sets, socks or kitchen aprons and roll-poll down the hurdles of all those reds and blues!

3. Decorate your habitat with our panda mats, wall stickers and seat comforters. We have got it all to match your rooms and your personality!

4. In the run of balancing the essentials and the insta-worthy, we have got you covered. Level up your gadget game with the adorable panda powerbanks and earplugs.

5. The little details for a comfortable lifestyle are the most important. Hence, we have specially curated pandastic pouches, eye masks and earmuffs for you.


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